"When I went to see Jenny I had reached a very low point, suffering from excruciating and debilitating menstrual cramps lasting 2/3 days  (and also at mid cycle) due to suspected endometriosis.  I was on the point of opting for surgery, which I was really desperate to avoid but things had got that bad; the pain was really taking over my life and interfering with work and family.  Jenny was wonderful, extremely emphatic and immediately put me at ease.  She took a comprehensive history of my symptoms before taking me through the Arvigo therapy, which was pleasant and relaxing.  I went away after the treatment and diligently did the self care massage every day as she taught me to do so.  After 2 weeks I was amazed.  The pain I usually experience at period time was greatly reduced and manageable with minimal pain relief.  I was able to function for the first time in months!  In addition, the sickness and general unwell feeling I usually get never arrived! Jenny has truly given me back my life and I will be forever grateful to her.  I will be going back for more treatments.  Jenny is so knowledgable about natural therapies in general and I love the way she just wants to help people who are suffering.  I cannot recommend her highly enough".


Hong Kong

"I booked an appointment with Jenny due to hearing positive reviews from some friends and have not stopped being thankful for making this literally life changing move! Having suffered from PCOS for some time I was feeling concerned about my reduced chances of conceiving naturally and found Jenny to be an all round healer- of my mind as well as my body following just my initial Arvigo treatment. My doctor was surprised to find that my uterus had changed position (no longer being retroverted as it has been for at least 15 years) as well as ‘significantly’ less cysts on both of my ovaries. To say I was delighted is an under statement! Within a couple of months I was pregnant and have had no problems for the 4 months of pregnancy so far. Jenny is more than just a practitioner. She works magic! Her caring aura and intrinsic knowledge of the female body makes me feel incredibly relaxed as well as empowered regarding my health. I adore her holistic approach and relish every minute I am in her presence." 


Hong Kong

"I first visited Jenny for a fertility treatment and got the arvigo therapy massages. I found Jenny very caring and comforting and the massage really helped to balance the lower abdominal area. She taught me the self care which I've enjoyed practicing before sleeping and I felt reconnecting really with my body. I could only have one session...and literally two weeks later I had the beautiful surprise of being pregnant (after trying for almost 2 years!). I am now seeing Jenny for pregnancy massages and they feel as good as the Arvigo therapy....it really lightens up your body, and ease the tensions pregnancy can bring along.  I highly recommend Jenny !!!"


Hong Kong

"Jenny Ostling is a knowledgeable, skillful and caring massage therapist and aromatherapist. She creates oil blends using the highest quality essential oils which she uses during her relaxing and healing massage sessions and you can also have blends made to use at home to continue the healing process or heal skin disorders like acne and eczema. They smell wonderful and my skin loves the blend she made for me.

Jenny's Arvigo Therapy is excellent for women with menstrual and fertility issues. It is a comfortable, relaxing and non-invasive therapy."

Dr Belinda Forsyth (BChiroSc, MChiro), Chiropractor

Hong Kong

"Jenny has the most incredible energy to heal, relax and restore. Jenny's treatments are just heavenly and I can't recommend her highly enough!"



"The treatment started as Jenny asked me a few questions as to my general well-being these few days, such as my stress and energy level and my emotional status. She noticed that I was coughing with a running nose so, she custom-blended a healing essential oil that could help reduce these symptoms. I was told that these oils, being totally natural and organic, are sourced from suppliers with their own farms where strict and reliable quality control measure are guaranteed. In fact, so pure are the oils that one could cook with these!

Jenny used a Swedish-massage based technique, mixed with several other oriental medicine methods. Jenny’s experienced hands were able to find just the right spots that needed attention without much explanation. The hand massage was particularly impressive as she worked on my right wrist which was extremely tired from all this writing! Moreover, the effects were also instant. An hour was gone easily and I found myself not only re-energized, but relieved from the cold syndromes that I had been suffering from days.

This aromatherapy treatment can also be continued at home, as Jenny could both offer advice and guidance or blend preparations for her customers."

Hip Hong Kong Online Magazine

Hong Kong

"Before starting the session, Jenny went through a comprehensive questionnaire with us to get to know us better and to see if we had any trouble areas, both physically and emotionally.  After noting that we were feeling anxious at times and sweat easily, Jenny decided to customize our organic massage oil to include rose and peppermint essential oils.  Blending a mix of Swedish, Thai and Chinese techniques, Jenny was an expert with her hands and combined the use of her elbows, thumbs and palms with soft to moderate pressure during the massage and we fell asleep pretty quickly!  By the end of the session, we were deeply relaxed and calm."

Ecozine Magazine

Hong Kong

"I learned a lot more than expected in the baby massage class, it is more than just learning to massage your baby which is lovely but I also learnt how to communicate with my baby more and read his non-verbal signals. The importance of touch and bonding and so much more. It was really great, I highly recommend these classes. Thanks Jenny"


Hong Kong

“Jenny’s Aromatherapy massages are the best! Before I was recommended Jenny, I never used to like getting massaged but she has fully converted me. Her careful selection and blending of essential oils she uses for the treatment always manages to take me to a place of peace, calm and total relaxation. I highly recommend this treatment."


Hong Kong

"Before my pregnancy massage I was feeling stressed and uncomfortable with lower back pain. By the time it was over I felt relaxed and energized. Jenny made sure to check my comfort levels at all times. I highly recommend this treatment."


Hong Kong

"After our visit to The Sanctuary in Hong Kong and a delightful experience with Jenny Ostling’s amazing aromatherapy massage, we were curious to try her Arvigo treatments, which focus on the Mayan technique of abdominal therapy, so we recently visited and the treatment was more pleasant than we had expected it to be!
Inspired by traditional Maya healing techniques, Arvigo therapy aims to reposition internal organs, more specifically the uterus for women, to cure reproductive and digestive disorders by supporting the body’s natural healing capacity.  One of the most common problems is a tilted or displaced uterus, which disrupts the normal flow of nutrient rich blood, lymph and hormones as well as the flushing out of toxins.  Rebalancing the uterus to its optimal position is needed for healthy menstrual cycles, pregnancy and delivery.  Even for those with everything aligned, the treatment is very gentle and excellent for those with digestion, headaches and tired back areas as well.
We were awashed with a sense of peace when we stepped into The Sanctuary’s holistic wellness centre right in the heart of Central.  This spacious wellness centre is perfect for lunch hour visits when you need a quick pick me up spa treatment.  We started off with a questionnaire so that Jenny could get a better understanding of our health background, especially relating to women’s issues.  Being an aromatherapist, Jenny enjoys mixing various essential oils and for this treatment, she used a special body oil that includes ginger and geranium to help warm the body.  To gently ease us into relaxation mode (which we needed!), Jenny started with some leg and arm stretches before a gentle massage around the stomach area.  She gradually added a little bit more pressure for a deep thorough massage before moving to our back area.  The treatment was much more gentler than we expected and the gentle massage made us feel like a baby getting a tummy and back massage! 
To end the treatment, Jenny showed us some at-home daily exercises we could do to complement the treatment."

Ecozine Magazine,

Hong Kong

"Excellent classes, feeling very confident in giving my baby massages. The massage has really help the colic issues with my baby. Thank you so much."


Hong Kong

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