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Vaginal Steam Dried Herb Mix - Organic 50g

  • Vaginal steam baths are an old, respected treatment for women used by Maya midwives and traditional healers in Central and South America.  The practice is mentioned in early chronicles of  Spanish friars who took  time to record the healing practices of the Maya and Aztec. Bajos (ba-hoes) as they are called in Spanish, are a common and effective treatment for many female complaints, especially those of a serious or chronic nature.  Midwives give them within 1-9 days after childbirth depending on the personal preference and the woman’s condition. They are excellent for dysmennorhea, amenorrhea, ovarian cysts, cervical fibroids and as a general health aid to prevent any of those ailments.  Practitioners of Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy recommend vaginal steams be done regularly. How often depends on the severity of a woman’s condition.

    Vaginal steams are also good preventive care.  For those who have normal, pain free cycles, we recommend a vaginal steam be done four times each year just before menses. Menopausal women have reported passing clots and dark, thick blood even a year after menses has ceased.  “Better out than in,” is our motto.  The combination of steam and essential oils from the plants penetrate deeply into the cervix and uterus to dislodge indurated menstrual fluids and pathological accumulations that have not properly sloughed off with each monthly cycle.  Induration of the uterine membrane causes the uterus to cramp fiercely to expel the hardened or thickened accumulation.

    Ingredients: Dried Herbs of Lemon Balm (Melissa), Calendula Flowers, Chamomile, Lavender, Raspberry Leaf, Oregano, Basil, Rose Buds.

    How to do a vaginal steam at home?

    • Take half of the packet of herbs and place it in a pot. Simmer the herbs in a covered pot with 1 Liter of water for ten minutes and then turn off the heat and allow to steep for a further five minutes.
    • Remove the pot from the stove and place it under a chair with open slits – a cane, wood or plastic yard chair will work. Alternatively, use the toilet by placing a bin liner inside the commode and then placing a bowl with the steaming water and herbs inside the commode making sure first that you find a bowl that will fit.
    • Remove clothes including under-wear, from the waist down.
    • Cover yourself with a blanket or towel from the waist down, and sit over the steaming herbs.  This keeps the steam contained under the blanket.  Be sure you feel comfortable with the steam temperature and is not exposed to cold drafts. If it is scaldingly hot, pull the pot away for a few minutes and try again until the steam feels warm and comfortable. Some women say they taste the herbs on their tongues after only five minutes.
    • Wrap your upper body in a dry, warm blanket and be sure that your feet are resting on a carpet or wear warm socks. Lasting about 15-20 minutes, the steam bath introduces a lot of healing heat and cleansing plant oils into the uterus, cervix and ovaries.
    • Afterward, you should ideally lie in bed for an hour under warm covers or just be sure to stay out of all drafts and keep warm. Bedtime is the best time to do a vaginal steam.

    How often should you steam?

    When there is pathology with menses, we recommend you to do three bajos within the week before you period begins. Repeat this monthly until your menstrual fluids are pink and there is no cramping. For post-partum women if all things being normal after delivery, the steam bath can be performed as early as the first day or sometime within the next seven to eight days. For post-partum women the objective is to cleanse the uterine membrane.

    Warnings: Vaginal Steams should not be done during Pregnancy or after Ovulation for those actively trying to conceive (as we have to assume you may be pregnant after ovulation). For those actively trying to conceive, we recommend you steam 1-2 times at the end of your period and before ovulation.

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